Avail Flexibility At Your Site Work With Volumetric Concrete Mixture

16th June 2022

When it comes to short-run concrete delivery, a volumetric concrete mixer fills a void that has been in the market. Volumetric concrete mixers, like any other product, have their advantages and disadvantages and a lot of misinformation. Here we are to guide you through the proper usage and benefits.

Why Is It Used?

Batching, measuring, mixing, and dispensing are handled by a single unit using volumetric mixers. Volumetric concrete mixers can generate the required amount of concrete at any given time and in any given volume. Some concrete providers offer general-purpose concrete batched in a volumetric mixer as a viable alternative to ready-mix in situations where the quantities and schedule are not entirely understood. This is done to avoid waste and prevent the mix from becoming too stiff too soon.

The Capacity Of A Volumetric Concrete Mixture

Depending on the mix design, the volumetric mixer can have a capacity as large as 12 m3 and a production rate of around 60 m3 per hour. Numerous manufacturers of volumetric concrete mixers have made improvements to the mixer's capacity and design, as well as added features such as colour, multiple admixes, fibre systems, and the ability to do gunite or shotcrete. These improvements have been made possible by the addition of new features.

Benefits Of A Volumetric Concrete Mixer

A volumetric concrete mixer has several benefits, including the following:

There is no danger of the concrete becoming too stiff too soon, even with delays.

Allows for the delivery of concrete in quantities of a lesser scale.

Reopening a concrete batch plant is not necessary for any work done throughout the night.

Ability to switch between several concrete mixtures depending on what the application calls for.

Ability to pour concrete in an uninterrupted manner

Choosing West London Concrete

The revolutionary volumetric technique we developed combines a batch plant and a mixer into a single unit. This is the ideal way concrete should be made.

How the volumetric method of mixing concrete works:

Our mixers batch, measure, mix and dispense from a single unit. Every time you have the perfect design combination and quantity that is required.

Get control of your concrete and learn how to easily make new, high-strength concrete whenever and wherever you need it. Our mobile and permanent mixers allow you to choose the option that best suits your needs and is used all over the UK. West London Concrete allows the customers to make the world's best-quality concrete.

Connect With Us Today

If you have an ongoing construction project and are concerned about the waste, then you can discuss the same with our executives. We have the choice of volumetric concrete, where we help you churn fresh concrete at your specified methods at the site itself. If the place is quite far from the batch plant, then the volumetric concrete mixer ensures no brick-hardening of the concrete mix. We are here to help you with appropriate solutions to your needs.