Boost The Efficiency Of Your Site Work With A Line Pump Concrete

Boost The Efficiency Of Your Site Work With A Line Pump Concrete
11th Mar 2022

Line pump concrete is used for pumping concrete into lower levels at the construction sites. It’s a small-scale works pump designed with low-pressure fluids and soil. This site pump will help you increase the quality of work you’re doing.

The line pump concrete is used in the commercial sector to deliver quality work to their clients. In addition, the pump concrete is used in many construction activities that require a concrete placement rate.

One of the best ways to explain why line pump concrete is becoming popular these days is to understand how it works and how it can help any business thrive today.

What Is A Line Pump Concrete?

The line pump concrete is construction equipment that helps transfer the concrete mix to the desired location at a breakneck speed. The line pump has a set of tubes attached to it, making it easy to place the concrete even in the most complicated areas.

The line pump concrete has diverse applications and is used in many industries such as building construction, road construction, bridge construction, etc.

The line pump concrete consists of a set of tubes that helps in pumping the mix too long distances. It also helps to carry out a perfect placement of the concrete mix at all locations, including those which are hard to reach.

The Line Pump Structure

The line pump consists of various hoppers, pipelines, valves, etc. The hopper is used for storing the concrete mix before depositing it at the desired location. The pipeline consists of several tubes connected end to end. A small cylinder is used for pumping action.

The line pump is highly recommended for small civil projects like swimming pools, backyards, interior work and footings. It can pump any type of concrete, such as self-consolidating concrete (SCC), roller-compacted concrete (RCC) and shotcrete. Here are a few reasons why you should hire a line pump for your next project:

Line Pumps Have A Long Reach.

Line pumps can reach up to 300 feet, and this reach can be extended to 500 feet with additional lines. The best part about a line pump is that it can be operated through various terrains like mud, sand, gravel etc. On the other hand, concrete trucks cannot reach areas like mountainous regions or basement floors, where line pumps come into play.

They Are Versatile

The line pump consists of a flexible hose that is not rigid like a Boom pipe. The hose can bend around corners, making it easy to reach hard to access spaces.

Easily Portable for Site Work

The significant advantage of using this device is that it can be assembled and disassembled easily and quickly. This allows the device to be used for different projects. In addition, the parts of this equipment are pretty light in weight and can be mounted on any truck or trailer. This feature makes it highly portable.

Line Pumps Are Cost-Effective

Line pump concrete is a straightforward and affordable method to pump concrete. Norms are modified for adopting this cheaper procedure. The small amount of cost-saving can be done by the use of line pump concrete in comparison to the other big pumping machinery.


Line pump concrete is being used in various construction works these days. People invest in this equipment to save time and achieve efficiency in their construction works. This equipment is known for its performance, including minimum wear and tear and high resistance towards damage. So if you want the same efficiency at a throttled price, time to contact West London Concrete today!