Getting the Best Stability & Strength Out of The Concrete!

03th Nov 2022

Many things can affect how fast the overall strength of ready-mix concrete gets stronger after the last mixing. These things are discussed below, which should help you figure out how long you need to wait for your concrete to be as strong as possible.

Putting concrete in place

After the concrete has been put in place, it hardens during the setting process. Concrete can set, which means it's no longer liquid but can still be weak. You might not be able to walk on it, for example. Professionals often use the terms "initial set" and "final set" because they are arbitrary ways to describe the beginning and end of a stage. Several lab tests that use weighted needles to poke holes in your paste can help you figure these out.

Concrete getting hard

Hardening is the process of getting stronger, and it can go on for weeks or even months after you've mixed, poured, and levelled your concrete. As your cement structure continues to hydrate, it often gets harder because a lot of calcium silicate hydrate is being made. Most of the time, the rate at which concrete sets and the rate at which it hardens are not the same. Normal Portland cement and fast-hardening cement might take the same time to set.

Things that affect how strong your concrete is

Cement aggregate ratio

Aggregates are a key part of what gives a concrete structure its strength, so if you increase the total cement-to-aggregate ratio, your concrete will be stronger overall. Keep in mind that aggregates of higher quality tend to soak up much less water, so the extra water can be used to make the cement more fluid.


If you want your concrete to be as strong as possible, you must pay close attention to how it is mixed. Even though power increases up to a certain point as mixing time goes on, mixing for too long can cause too much water to evaporate and fine particles to form in the concrete mix. This makes it harder to work with and makes the concrete less strong. Even though there is no "golden rule" for the best mixing time, it depends on many things, such as the type of mixer, its speed, and the materials and parts in a given batch of concrete.

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