Ready Mix Concrete

Ready Mix Concrete
Mon, 16/Oct/2023

Top 3 Methods to Transport Ready Mix Concrete at Site

In the construction industry, efficiency and precision are paramount. The delivery of ready mix concrete to a construction site is a critical component in ensuring a project's success. When it comes to the London, where construction projects often face varying weather conditions and tight schedules, choosing the right method for transporting ready mix concrete is crucial. In this article, we'll explore the top three methods to transport ready mix concrete to London construction sites, each with its unique advantages.

Concrete Mixer Trucks: The Workhorses of the Industry

Concrete mixer trucks are a common sight at construction sites, and for good reason. These specialized vehicles are purpose-built for the task, equipped with a rotating drum that keeps the concrete mix in motion during transit. This constant mixing action ensures the concrete remains homogeneous and workable until it's ready to be poured.

One of the significant advantages of using concrete mixer trucks is their capacity. These vehicles come in various sizes, typically measured in cubic yards. Depending on the size of the project, you can choose a truck that matches your concrete volume requirements. Additionally, the road infrastructure is well-suited for these trucks, allowing for efficient and reliable delivery to even remote or challenging locations.

Concrete mixer trucks are also versatile, making them suitable for both small and large construction projects. They can deliver concrete directly to the desired location, reducing the need for additional handling and manual labor, thus saving time and labor costs.

Pumping Concrete: Precision Placement

For construction sites with limited access or where concrete needs to be placed at a considerable height or distance, concrete pumping is the go-to method. Concrete pumps use a system of pipes and hoses to transport the mix precisely where it's needed. There are two primary types of concrete pumps: boom pumps and line pumps.

Boom Pumps: These are mounted on a truck and feature a robotic arm with a lengthy reach. They can easily place concrete at heights or distances that are difficult to access with traditional methods. In addition to the height and distance capabilities, boom pumps offer a high degree of accuracy and speed in concrete placement.

Line Pumps: Line pumps are more compact and are typically used for lower-volume concrete placement. They are more suited to smaller projects or locations with limited access. These pumps are versatile, making them ideal for residential and smaller commercial projects.

Using concrete pumping technology not only ensures precision placement but also reduces labor requirements and speeds up the construction process. It is a method that significantly enhances construction efficiency, especially in tight urban areas.

Agitator Trucks: On-Site Mixing for Freshness

Agitator trucks, also known as transit mixers, are a less common but equally effective method for transporting ready mix concrete. These trucks have a revolving drum, just like concrete mixer trucks. However, the key difference is that they mix the concrete on-site, ensuring the mix remains fresh and workable until it's needed.

Agitator trucks are particularly advantageous when the construction site is located far from the concrete plant. By mixing the concrete on the way, the construction crew can access fresh and high-quality concrete, which is especially critical for projects with strict specifications or when the delivery time is extended.


Choosing the right method to transport ready mix concrete in London is a decision that can significantly impact construction efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and the quality of the final product. Concrete mixer trucks, concrete pumping, and agitator trucks each offer distinct advantages, and the choice should be based on the specific requirements of the project. By selecting the most suitable method, construction professionals can ensure that concrete delivery is not just a necessity but a crucial element in achieving project success.

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