The Different Types of Concrete Pumps and Their Applications

The Different Types of Concrete Pumps and Their Applications
Thu, 09/Mar/2023

Concrete pumps are machines used to transfer liquid concrete from a mixer to a construction site. These pumps are an essential part of the construction industry as they can significantly speed up the process of pouring concrete. Concrete pumps come in different types, each designed for a specific purpose. In this article, we will explore the different types of concrete pumps and their applications.

Boom Pump

A boom pump, also known as a truck-mounted pump, is one of the most common types of concrete pumps. As the name suggests, this pump has a long, articulated arm (boom) that is mounted on a truck. The boom can be extended and maneuvered to reach hard-to-access areas, making it ideal for high-rise building projects. Boom pumps are also used in large-scale commercial construction, such as the construction of bridges and tunnels.

Line Pump

A line pump is a type of concrete pump that uses flexible hoses to transport concrete. This pump is best suited for smaller construction projects where the concrete needs to be transported to a shorter distance. Line pumps are also suitable for residential projects like building foundations, swimming pools, and patios. Line pumps are typically mounted on a trailer or skid and can be easily moved around a job site.

Separate Placing Boom

A separate placing boom is similar to a boom pump, but instead of being mounted on a truck, it is attached to a stationary base. This type of pump is commonly used in large construction projects where the boom needs to be anchored in place, such as the construction of tall buildings. The separate placing boom can be used in conjunction with a stationary pump, which provides the necessary power to transport the concrete.

Trailer-Mounted Concrete Pump

A trailer-mounted concrete pump is a smaller version of a boom pump. This pump is towed to a job site using a truck or SUV and can be set up quickly. Trailer-mounted concrete pumps are ideal for small construction projects, such as building residential homes or pouring concrete for sidewalks and driveways.

Skid-Mounted Concrete Pump

A skid-mounted concrete pump is similar to a trailer-mounted pump, but instead of being towed, it is mounted on a skid. Skid-mounted pumps are typically used in smaller construction projects where the job site is limited in space. The skid-mounted pump can be easily moved around the job site, making it a versatile option for contractors.

Concrete Line and Electric Pump

A concrete line and electric pump is a type of line pump that uses an electric motor to power the pump. This pump is ideal for small-scale construction projects where noise pollution is a concern. The electric motor produces less noise than a diesel engine, making it a suitable option for residential projects.

Final Say

Concrete pumps are essential tools for the construction industry. They are designed to transport liquid concrete from a mixer to a construction site, making the process of pouring concrete faster and more efficient. The type of concrete pump used depends on the size and complexity of the project. Boom pumps are ideal for large-scale commercial construction, while line pumps and trailer-mounted pumps are better suited for smaller construction projects. Contractors should choose the appropriate type of concrete pump to ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget.