To Buy or Rent a Concrete Pump?

To Buy or Rent a Concrete Pump?
7th April 2022

The demand for enhanced productivity, safety, and quality in construction projects, particularly real estate and infrastructure projects, has led to an expansion of concrete pump space in the global market. As a result of rising labour costs and a greater focus on shorter construction timelines, boom pump concrete and its usage have also seen an increase in demand and market share.

What is the purpose of a boom pump concrete?

Concrete pumps are typically used to transfer or convey liquid-mixed concrete from mounted trucks to where it has to be deposited at the construction site, making them an essential component of any construction project. Boom pump concrete is known for delivering a lot of ready-mixed concrete quickly, which makes them ideal for big building projects.

Concrete pumps are divided into two categories:

• A boom, or truck-mounted pump, is a larger pump that is used on larger sites and for large road and highway projects.

• The other type of pump is known as a trailer, line, or stationary pump, and it is used for minor activities such as preparing ground slabs or sidewalks.

Concrete Boom Pumps are now in high demand.

Advantages Of Using A Concrete Pump

• Concrete pumps reduce the amount of labour and energy required to deliver ready mix concrete to the desired area.

• Concrete pumping also reduces time required for concrete transfer because the material can be placed directly at the desired location. The use of concrete boom pumps speeds up construction projects.

• The robotic arms of a boom pump concrete are able to reach over structures and lay concrete where other forms of equipment can't! This makes it more convenient than the previous mix and pours approach.

• Concrete pumps make it possible for the concrete to be pumped to unreachable locations.

• Concrete pumps can carry concrete mix without spills or lumps to nearly any location, including the top of a high-rise building or a foundation slab.

• Pouring accuracy can be improved by using a boom pump concrete. With such precise concrete pumping, little or no material is wasted.

Is it better to buy or rent a concrete pump?

Contractors and building companies alike are bothered by the question posed above. As a matter of fact, the rental costs of concrete pumps might have an impact on your overall operational costs if you are in the construction business for a long time and are here to stay. Therefore, it is always preferable to invest in a new concrete pump that can be used whenever and for as many hours as is required in such a situation.

But on the other hand, it is a capital intensive process. Considering the huge interest rates and other expenditures post the pandemic, it is advisable you go for boom pump concrete hire from West London Concrete. The company allows affordable rent solutions in the construction industry without the budget pinch. Right from the maintenance costs, to the storage spaces, you are relieved of all the overhead costs.


Construction projects of all sizes can benefit from the use of concrete pumps. Pumps have become increasingly important in today's construction space. Because of this, renting a boom concrete pump or a line pump concrete makes perfect sense.