Transition for Ready Mix Concrete: Understanding the Process at West London Concrete

Transition for Ready Mix Concrete: Understanding the Process at West London Concrete
Wed, 05/Apr/2023

Ready mix concrete has become an essential material in construction projects, thanks to its convenience, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. At West London Concrete, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality ready mix concrete to help you complete your projects seamlessly. In this article, we will explore the transition process for ready mix concrete, from raw materials to a finished product, to give you a better understanding of this remarkable material.

Sourcing raw materials

The first step in creating ready mix concrete involves sourcing the raw materials: cement, aggregates (sand and crushed stones), and water. At West London Concrete, we ensure that all our materials are of the highest quality to guarantee the durability and strength of the final product.

Batching process

Next, the raw materials are carefully measured and batched according to the required mix design. This is a crucial stage, as it determines the concrete's properties, including its strength, workability, and durability. West London Concrete uses state-of-the-art batching technology to ensure that the proportions of each ingredient are accurate, resulting in a consistent product every time.

Mixing process

After batching, the raw materials are mixed together to create the ready mix concrete. At West London Concrete, we use modern, efficient mixers that blend the components thoroughly to ensure a homogenous mixture. This process also helps to evenly distribute the cement and water throughout the mix, which is vital for achieving optimal strength and workability. Mixing time is also crucial; it must be long enough to achieve a consistent mix but not so long that the concrete begins to set prematurely.


Once the ready mix concrete is prepared, it needs to be transported to the construction site. At West London Concrete, we use a fleet of specialized concrete mixer trucks equipped with revolving drums that keep the concrete fresh and workable during transit. This ensures that the concrete arrives at your site in the best possible condition, ready for immediate use.

On-site adjustments and quality control

Upon arrival at the construction site, our experienced team will conduct a series of quality control tests to confirm that the ready mix concrete meets the project's specifications. If necessary, we can make on-site adjustments to the mix, such as adding water or admixtures, to ensure it meets the desired performance criteria. This flexibility is one of the key advantages of using ready mix concrete from West London Concrete.

Placement and finishing

The final step in the transition process involves placing and finishing the ready mix concrete. Depending on the specific project requirements, various placement techniques can be used, including pumping, pouring, or spreading. Once the concrete is in place, finishing techniques are employed to achieve the desired surface texture and appearance, such as smoothing, troweling, or brooming. Proper curing techniques are also crucial to ensuring the concrete reaches its full strength and durability potential.


The transition process for ready mix concrete is a complex yet we offer a highly efficient system that allows for high-quality, consistent results with every batch. For more details get in touch with us and discuss your queries!