What Are The Key Features Of A Stationary Concrete Plant?

5th May 2022

Construction is the key to greater nation-building. The economy depends on infrastructural growth. Roads, bridges, ports, and tunnels shape the country. Here comes the stationary concrete plant concept, which is designed to produce high-quality ready mix concrete. Large output and high efficiency mark its importance.

A Concrete plant uses precise weighing and homogeneous mixing technology to produce high-quality concrete. Some of the ingredients used in these plants are water, air, admixtures, sand, aggregate (rocks, gravel, etc.), fly ash, silica fume, slag, and cement. A good quality construction needs durable concrete to reduce time and cut labour costs. A stationary batching plant consists of a variety of accessories like:

Mixers (either tilt drum or horizontal)

Cement batches

Aggregate batches


Radial stackers

Aggregate bins

Cement bins

Heaters and chillers

Cement silos

Batch plant controls

Dust collectors

Cement -Water-Additive Scales

Control Cabinet and Computerized Fully Automatic Control System

Air Compressor and Pneumatic Equipment

How Does A Stationary Concrete Plant Work?

The concrete batching/mixing plant is a machine that combines precisely weighed components like sand, cement, and water to produce premier, long-lasting and indestructible concrete.

Benefits Of Stationary Concrete Plant

Stationary concrete plants are built to operate in larger volumes maintaining high efficiency and large output.

The batching plants have great reliability, easy maintenance, and a low failure rate.

Preparing ready mix concrete on the construction site is time-consuming and grueling. The construction cost can be eliminated by using a batching plant. Each load of concrete is produced on-site.

You can adjust the concrete production as per the requirements for the project.

The raw materials used are mixed in appropriate measurements using high-end computer programming.

The active mineral admixtures such as slag, fly ash, and admixture can greatly improve the lifelong performance of the concrete, making it waterproof, anti-cracking, and abrasion-resistant.

The labour intensity cost diminishes along with the construction management costs. In addition to this, the technical difficulty lessens with the risk of quality which is the fundamental aspect giving the structure durability and toughness.

Easy to install in different challenging areas.

Safe and quick transportation and accurate weighing minimize vibrations giving a sturdy construction.

The main aim of these plants is to produce homogenous and uniform concrete. The concrete production should be consistent in batches, one after the other in the same proportion with minimal wastage.

Stationary concrete production equipment has been built to provide maximum production and long working hours.

The flexibility of this superior concrete was universally designed to meet the user's needs. Every user has unique demands and targets. And to accomplish and fabricate every design smoothly, this premier quality concrete serves at its best.

The stationary concrete plant functions are fully automated. There is no harm done to the environment. The controlled production process reduces the risk of dust, noise, wastewater, and waste pollution, saving energy, and leading to a cleaner, greener Earth.

Thus, opt for an eco-friendly method and get the best ready mix concrete from West London Concrete. For more details, contact us now!