What Makes Onsite Mixed Screed So Important?

01th Dec 2022

It is essential to understand both onsite mixed screeds and conventional concrete before discussing which is better. A structure's foundation is often laid with concrete. Suppliers of screed provide materials for the final, smooth layer. Discover the differences between conventional concrete and onsite-mixed cement.

As previously mentioned, onsite mixed cement is usually applied as a final touch. It is used to polish concrete. This design is most commonly used for flooring. Some people prefer the raw, unfinished look of concrete exterior walls.

Cement, sharp sand, and water are mixed in a proportion of 3 to 5 parts sand to 1 part cement. Concrete is made up of cement, aggregate, and water. As a result of their coarseness, gritty aggregates make concrete's surface uneven.

The rough appearance of concrete is meant to ensure it lasts a long time. Because of this, it is typically used at the base of a structure. After the foundation has been laid, onsite mix screed finishing is required to give the floor of the building a more even appearance. The materials you purchase from a screed provider are only suitable for flooring, not for foundations.

Due to this, concrete mixes tend to be more fluid, making pouring easier. Site mix screed, on the other hand, is a semi-dry combination rather than a wet one. Concrete's density makes it ideal for use as a foundation, but it also makes for a rough finish.

How Does On-Site Mix Screed Help?

In addition to the final coat, the best screed supplier's screed mixture is only used in construction. As a result, onsite screed mixing may be beneficial in a number of ways.

A ready-to-use screed mixture is widely used in the construction industry, and it is widely available. Besides that, mixing fresh onsite doesn't require a lot of labour.

An important advantage of a screed supplier's ready-made mixture is that it doesn't harden during the transition. This is due to the fact that it usually contains admixtures that prevent this from happening.

Purchasing pre-mixed screed mixtures whenever needed offers a number of benefits, including obvious cost advantages. The low prices it offers complement this.

In spite of that, it is still possible to save money by making screed combinations from fresh materials on site. An admix may not be required since it does not require any preparation time and can be used right away.


It's pointless to debate whether concrete or onsite screed combinations are better since they each perform different tasks. Most contemporary structures are constructed sequentially using both methods. Get in touch with a top-tier screed company in London for flawless results.