What Roles Does Admixtures Play in Ready Mix Concrete?

09th Feb 2023

Admixtures are substances added to concrete before or during mixing to modify its properties and enhance its performance. They play a crucial role in ready-mix concrete, as they can improve the workability, durability, and strength of the concrete mixture. Here are some of the main functions of admixtures in ready-mix concrete.

1. Workability: Admixtures can improve the workability of the concrete mixture, making it easier to place and finish. This is particularly important for concrete that is being poured into challenging or complex forms. Examples of workability-enhancing admixtures include plasticizers and superplasticizers.

2. Strength: Admixtures can also be used to increase the strength of concrete. This is particularly useful for structures that will be subjected to heavy loads or extreme conditions. Examples of strength-enhancing admixtures include fly ash and silica fume.

3. Durability: Admixtures can help to improve the durability of concrete by reducing the risk of cracking, shrinkage, and other forms of damage. For example, air-entraining admixtures can improve the freeze-thaw resistance of concrete, while water-reducing admixtures can help to reduce the risk of cracking due to rapid evaporation of the mix water.

4. Setting Time: Admixtures can be used to control the setting time of the concrete mix, ensuring that it sets and hardens in a timely manner. This is particularly important for large concrete pours that need to be completed within a tight timeframe. Examples of setting-time controlling admixtures include accelerating and retarding admixtures.

5. Corrosion Resistance: Admixtures can also be used to improve the resistance of concrete to corrosion. This is particularly important for structures that will be exposed to harsh environmental conditions, such as saltwater or harsh weather. Examples of corrosion-resistant admixtures include calcium nitrite and sodium nitrite.

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