When To Use A Concrete Line Pump Truck In Construction?

7th July 2022

Concrete is one of the essential ingredients in construction, and if you are associated with the manufacturing industry, then you already know about concrete pumps and their extensive usage. But to execute a construction process efficiently, you need to know the utilities of each piece of construction equipment and where and how to utilise its full potential. A concrete pump is primarily used to disperse the concrete materials in the required location. But you have already seen that pumps are of two types: a concrete boom pump and a Concrete line pump. Here in this article, we will discuss the utilities of the concrete line pump truck.

What Is A Concrete Line Pump Truck?

A concrete line pump is a stationary pump mounted over a truck. It is generally used for horizontal pumping. It has a very compact design, and a long hose is attached to it, enabling direct pumping of the concrete materials. It is very convenient to use because you can extend the hose virtually as much as you want and pump the concrete to the place you want. Being small in size, it is very handy and can be carried anywhere.

Features Of Concrete Line Pump Truck

It is comparatively more minor in size than other concrete pumps

It is attached to the back of the truck or trailer; hence it is also called trailer mounted concrete pump

When a concrete line pump is mounted over a truck, it can be carried to the site easily and termed a truck-mounted concrete pump

Another variety of concrete line pumps is the truck mixer pump, an all-in-one model. In this variety, the machine can pump directly from the mixer

It is very flexible and widely used in small construction site

It is less expensive and readily available

Application of Concrete Line Pump Truck

As it is small, compact, and flexible, it is widely used in small projects and residential construction sites. It is mainly used in paving the road or the driveway or in swimming pools and other residential and small projects

In small areas where boom pumps can not be reached, construction workers generally use Concrete line pumps.

How To Get Assistance With Concrete Line Pump Truck?

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A concrete line pump truck is essential for construction, but you need to know the variety and applications of each pump to use it properly to execute any construction project. Hence Concrete line pump is affordable and easy to carry and use, so it is best suited for any small residential project. If you need the service of any concrete pump, then West London Concrete is your best bet. We assure that you won’t be disappointed.