Why do we need a boom pump?

13th May 2022

Urbanization is the order of the day. With the escalation in the real estate sector, the need for premium quality concrete and other construction equipment is on an all-time rise. Large scale construction projects need one of the most useful layering tools and one such equipment is a concrete boom pump.

It offers a remote-controlled articulating robotic arm called a boom which is mounted on the truck and stretches up from the vehicle’s base level to pump concrete directly to the project area. A boom pump can arrive at our desired job sites and help in the concrete deposition. It is a less labour intensive operating system, to meet our business needs.

Why Choose A Boom Pump?

A concrete boom pump truck will help to deliver and pour the specific concrete that you need for your projects that are being undertaken high off the ground. It might be problematic for you to get the ready mix concrete up a high-rise building or a block of apartments or a multi-storey parking site, but the boom pump does the trick.

. It is a mobile unit which means it can go anywhere carrying the bulk mix concrete requirements to the onsite.

. Boom pumps are capable of pumping at very high volumes, within a short span of time.

. The freshly mixed liquid concrete is transferred directly to the building site thus saving the necessity of storing the requisite materials at the warehouses or storage units for the mixing.

. It works using a valve system and has a robotic arm at its disposal. It is easy to operate and works on the hydraulic arrangement.

. In times of bad and unpredictable weather, the boom pump performs its job without any difficulty. The concrete dries out fast and the structure completes without any complication.

. The ready mix concrete is easily poured from the truck through the pipes and the wastage is minimal.

. No need for large numbers of men to mix the concrete or pour it at the construction site for the layering. The truck arrives with the requisite amount of concrete mix.

. The mix can be poured at greater heights depending on the elevation of the project.

. The pump is very flexible, which means it can be stretched around 72m at basic length. Extensions are also available at the concrete suppliers.

. It saves your valuable resources, money and energy.

. The Concrete boom pump is much more convenient in approaching some of the trickier points and fixtures which the traditional concrete solutions just can’t hold.

. It saves plenty of time and effort, in such a way that you can put your endeavour into other matters that call for your attention.

. The boom Pump can meet your high-level concrete pouring needs which a normal pouring system can not fulfil.

. It is a remarkable and a huge asset that clears any obstacles or barriers that stand in your way, which normal concrete pumping or pouring systems are unable to do.

A flexible and comparatively hassle-free system for our building and construction needs, the Concrete Boom Pump from West London Concrete is a necessity to meet the deadline quickly and safely without causing much damage to the surrounding neighbourhood. Traditional concrete mixing and pouring solutions create much noise and pollute the environment with dust whereas the Boom Pump is a perfect choice.