Why Should You Choose Ready Mix Concrete For Your Next Project?

11th Oct 2022

Price, longevity, safety, and durability should constantly be weighed alongside others while selecting construction materials. Although steel is a robust and long-lasting material for construction, it comes at a greater price and isn't required for every job. While wood is inexpensive, it compromises strength and security.

Yet, when compared to other construction materials, ready mix concrete shines out. You can use it for nearly everything because it's cheap, efficient, safe, and long-lasting.

Below, we'll be talking about the benefits of concrete, especially in comparison to wood. We expect you to gain knowledge from this blog to make a better choice (concrete) in the near future.

Reasons Why Concrete Is the Best Construction Material

1. Less Maintenance

Concrete requires almost no upkeep when compared to other building materials. Concrete might never even need repairs! However, steel and wood require regular maintenance.

Wood, for instance, needs to be retracted, repainted, and eventually replaced. Steel is just as vulnerable. Contrarily, ready mix concrete will never need to be repaired in this way. Because of how little upkeep it requires, concrete is not only convenient but also economical.

Although ready mix concrete is more expensive than wood upfront, it pays for itself in the long run.

2. Resistance to Both Air & Water

The resistance of ready mix concrete to wind and water sets it apart from other materials like wood. Wood is less desirable and secure for building since it is readily harmed by wind and water. Wood can crack or split in a severe storm, and the resulting water damage could lead to mold growth.

Both scenarios require costly and time-consuming solutions. However, concrete is much more resistant to weather effects than wood. Concrete's high resistance sets it apart from more fragile materials.

3. Protected From the Flames

Concrete is fireproof because it can absorb heat. In this regard, concrete triumphs over other common construction materials, most notably wood.

To put it simply, wood and similar materials burn easily and quickly. Due to its high combustibility, wood is often lost in fires and is difficult to save. However, this is not a problem with concrete. Walls and floors made of concrete will not only remain sturdy in the case of a fire, but they also have a better chance of preserving the contents inside.

4. Efficiency

One side of the coin is the fire-fighting benefits of concrete's heat absorption. In addition, energy efficiency is enhanced by its heat-retaining properties.

The quantity of energy needed to produce concrete is vastly different from that needed to produce steel. To create steel, almost three times as much energy is needed to produce concrete. This is a huge thing in terms of saving electricity. Energy-efficient materials, such as concrete, are becoming increasingly vital as many projects adopt eco-friendly policies and mandate sustainability measures.

5. Long-Lasting

The durability of concrete makes it a good choice for long-term uses. On average, concrete lasts twice as long as other common construction materials. When compared to its durability, wood is no match for this substance. Eventually, you'll have to replace the wood. However, concrete maintains its integrity over time.

Since durability over time is essential for any construction project, concrete is always the best option.

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