Why Should You Consider Ready-Mix Concrete For Your Site Needs?

23th June 2022

Large-scale constructions are building up to today’s economy. With the growth in population and other activities, massive structures can be seen sprawling around every city. High-storied buildings, offices, bridges, and roadways are all constructed with Ready-mix concrete in London, which is widely used nowadays.

Ready-mix is mixed offsite according to a client’s exact specifications and then delivered to the site where needed. The advantages of using ready mix concrete in London are that it is a high-quality product. It involves lower costs, thus saving time for your business. Ready-mix concrete comes with consistency in quality through accurate and computerised control of sand aggregates and water as per mix designs. It helps in minimising cement wastage.

Ready-mix concrete London is manufactured in the batching plant according to a given set of proportions. It is then delivered to the work site by truck mounted with mixers. The Ready Mix Concrete is a better quality concrete produced using consistent methods and the latest equipment. There is no need to store construction materials at the site. Environmental damage such as Air and Noise pollution is reduced.

Some of its Benefits:

• High-Quality Product - Today’s construction industry uses robust and high-quality materials. It is essential to balance the water-cement ratio, and the aggregates used should be properly graded. Ready Mix Concrete is made under a more specialist computerized system that can be controlled.

• Minimizes the Costs - The cost of purchasing each raw material separately and mixing means higher cost and wastage. It is a full labourious process. But with Ready Mix, the precise mixing of the concrete is done with the help of professionals like West London Concrete to ensure the desired balance. It reduces the initial costs, the onsite storage of raw materials, and the labour cost. The hardness of Ready Mix Concrete increases over time, making it sturdy and durable, thereby reducing the maintenance costs.

• Saves Time - Time is a critical factor in the construction business. Ready-mix Concrete London can avoid delays caused by erecting and dismantling mixing equipment. It is quickly dispatched to the job site. Deliveries are timely and efficient, meaning no worries about the completion of our work timely.

• Eco-Friendly Process - Ready-mix Concrete is made up of earthly components. No harmful chemicals are involved. The key components are water, aggregates, and cement which pose no damage to the environment, and the leftovers can be recycled or reused easily. Ready-mix concrete is produced in the right proportion, resulting in wastage of less concrete, eventually leading to less pollution and higher energy conservation standards.

Process of Making Ready-Mix Concrete

Ready-mix concrete has cement, aggregates, sand, water, and other chemicals, which are weighed- batched at a centrally located plant. With precision, the automatic plant monitors weigh-batching, water-cement ratio, dosage of admixture, and moisture content to produce high-quality concrete. All ingredients used are tested for their quality and physical properties in the laboratory attached to the plant in accordance with the standard codes.

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