Why Should You Go for Line Pump Rental Service in London?

25th Aug 2022

The contemporary construction business uses a variety of tools to manage building projects. So, whether you're searching for small-scale or large-scale concrete pumping operations, we at West London Concrete can provide you with high-quality concrete line pump rental.

If you wish to transport concrete to areas with restricted access, such as buildings and obstacles or down narrow alleys, then a concrete line pump is appropriate for your project.

One of the most efficient means of transporting concrete, the line pumps are a revolutionary machine in contemporary construction that transports concrete swiftly and without causing any mess. There are two distinct varieties of concrete pumps used in construction:

The first is a boom concrete pump, an automatic remote-controlled pump. It is used to install concrete properly.

The second pump is fitted to a line pump truck. It consists of a long hose for pouring concrete in the correct location.

What Concrete Line Pump Provides?

The Concrete Line Pump has a high output volume, high pressure, and a quick delivery time. Concrete line pumps have the advantage of being able to transport material over both narrow and extensive distances. Its hose is optimised for long-distance economy and performance.

These machines typically pump concrete, short-crete, grout, mortar, foamed concrete, and flowable fill. They are portable, towable, and easy to transport. Due to its compact size and mobility, it can fit into tight, constricted places of a construction site where more extensive, less mobile machinery cannot.

Aspects of Hiring a Concrete Line Pump

The cost of line pump rental is contingent on several variables, such as the number of hours it will be used. Unless you intend to use a concrete pump frequently, purchasing your pumping machine may not be profitable in the long run, especially if the cost and time necessary for pump clean-up, repair, and maintenance exceed your capacity.

Before selecting, you must determine how often you will use a concrete pump annually and compare the cost of purchasing a pump to your area's typical hourly rental rates.

In addition to assessing the rental cost, the pump contractor should evaluate the annual work volume.

If you plan to purchase your pumping machine, renting a concrete pump trailer makes more sense than buying one. For contractors, however, acquiring a concrete pump trailer might be preferable to renting one.

Why Choose Rental Concrete Line Pumps?


Intelligent pumping technology is utilised to construct the concrete line pump. Primarily, it is used in the construction sector to transport concrete, enabling the pumping of various combinations, including concrete mortar, grout, and foam concrete.

Easy to transport

Transporting concrete line pumps from one location to another is effortless. The lengthy hose provides a steady means of conveyance that accelerates the progress and reduces the time required to complete the task.

It is highly adaptable to construction operations, has a broad operational scope, and its conveying pipe can be put in difficult-to-access locations.

For Heightened Residential Walls

A concrete line pump simplifies and expedites the pouring process, reducing the likelihood of concrete overflowing from the work site. In addition, it is nearly impossible for tall residential structures to transport concrete aggregate over steep terrain.

Reliable & Convenient

The construction industry's most dependable and convenient pump is the concrete line pump. If the proper safety protocols are followed, the equipment performs exceptionally well.

Line pump rental is an excellent option because it will save you time, money, and material waste on your project.

West London Concrete has been offering concrete pumping services for several years. Our superior and dependable services, skilled operators, and punctuality are well-known within the business.

We understand that owners/operators dislike investing time or money in costly and complex maintenance. Therefore, we operate our pumps with simplicity, ensuring that you can continue pumping and enabling you to maintain and manage the equipment easily.

Our customer service team will assist you in accommodating and scheduling our concrete pumps to your specifications. You may call us or leave a message for additional information.