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Concrete is one of the essential building materials that is used in all types of construction. Whether it is residential construction or commercial one, concrete is the most crucial ingredient. Concrete is of two kinds: ready-to-mix concrete and onsite mix concrete or site mix concrete. Most of the renowned Concrete Supplier St Albans provides both types of concrete for any construction project. Here, we will see the features of both types of concrete so that you can easily decide which one you need or require for your project.

What Is Concrete?

It is a composite material and one of the crucial building materials used for construction purposes. It is commonly composed of cement, water, and aggregate. The strength and texture of concrete depend on the ratio of its particles, so it is essential to mix it in the proper balance to get the desired consistency. The Concrete Supplier St Albans generally uses fine graded particles and machine swirling to get the desired high-quality concrete. But sometimes, manual mixing is usually done for small volumes of work.

A good quality concrete depends on three factors as

  • The water & cement ratio is responsible for creating the bond and getting the desired strength.
  • The aggregate size is another crucial factor as it is an essential ingredient. The physical attribute of this particular component is responsible for consistency.
  • A fine quality concrete will always emit a certain amount of heat as a result of the chemical reaction of its ingredients,
  • Another critical factor is density. A high-quality, adequately graded concrete is composed of fine materials mixed in the proper ratio to create desired thickness per the requirement.

Now let us look at the features of both types of concrete as mentioned above. Please note that any Concrete Supplier St Albans can provide you with both types, so you must decide what you want.

Features of Ready Mix Concrete

  • • It takes significantly less time as it is delivered to the location straight to use readily.
  • • The process of weighing & batching is entirely computerized
  • • It is generally used to build high-rise projects.
  • • As it is a computerised process, therefore, the wastage is very minimal
  • • High-quality concrete is always available from the Concrete Supplier St Albansbecause ready mix concrete is prepared in a controlled and automated environment.
  • • A large amount of concrete can be supplied to the spot.

Features of Ready Mix Concrete

  • • It is comparatively a slower process as you must mix all the ingredients and wait for the setting time.
  • • Unlike ready-mix, it requires a weight batch mix is needed for the site
  • • It is a manual process, so the chances of error are maximum. Moreover, the best Concrete Supplier St Albansalways keeps the QA in check!
  • • It is comparatively used for low-rise structure
  • • As it is manually mixed, so the chances of waste are there
  • • A small amount is delivered to the location, which reduces the overall cost


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